About Us

About Us

For almost eight years, we have successfully managed our enterprises from India. Founded by Sudhir Kumar in 2013,is family-owned in its first generation. Over the past 7 years, Mr Kumar has grown into a company which is active all around eastern India. The close-knit, network for industry, trade and logistics is managed and coordinated from our headquarters in Hazaribag.

SATYAM acts as a national specialist for the trade, processing and transport of agricultural, raw and basic materials, as well as oleochemical products. Reputable, reliable, successful.

We constantly want to do better. Recycling old ideas has no place in our company. We are grounded and smart, but also curious and engaged. We take an optimistic view of the world and are strongly solution-driven.

We expect this attitude from every one of our employees. Our people are very motivated to work directly alongside our customers to achieve the best results for them. They are technically trained and able to apply the latest knowledge, and are eager to offer practical and tailored recommendations at an individual farm level. This way, every individual farmer can benefit optimally from all the expertise in our organisation.

This is something our customers recognize and appreciate. That goes for our decisiveness as well, which enables us to always respond rapidly. So we really can be the driving force for our customers’ progress: Feeding Performance by SUPERFEED Animal Nutrition.

Every farmer needs their own specific feed solution. Satyam is right at home in its customers’ barns. Our specialists can be found there every day, meeting our customers and providing support. That is why we have such a good understanding of what really matters in this sector and what motivates and interests our customers – as people, as entrepreneurs and as farmers. It is that synergy between our customised feed solutions and farm management advice that boosts the profit margins for our customers.

Our intensive collaboration with the best scientific institutes and our own research farms and laboratories continuously generate new insights for our customers. Since we operate locally, we obtain and collect knowledge in many different areas, situations and circumstances.

Our knowledge is not restricted to feed but covers the entire animal feed chain, from raw materials and additives to comprehensive farm management. Our focus goes beyond feed solutions: we care about helping your company and your animals flourish. What matters is what our knowledge means specifically in your situation.

We actively exchange all our (local, regional and global) knowledge. After all, sharing knowledge means multiplying knowledge. By sharing we ensure the continuous conversion of the latest insights into the right feed strategies and into practical business services, perfectly tailored to each specific situation.

Bringing farmers to the next level is what drives us. Because we are here to optimise our customers’ performance.

All our innovations and activities are grounded in everyday reality. We seek new propositions to meet the needs of our customers and offer smart, added-value solutions that best fit their business management strategies. Satyam is both visionary and practical in making things happen.

This is how we help livestock farmers as well as feed mills, integrators and dealers to flourish; and this is how we feed their performance to get the best possible results.

In short, Satyam is more than just an animal feed supplier. Satyam collects and generates nutritional knowledge from all over the world and translates it into practical solutions for all kinds of livestock farmers. Because only high quality animal feed combined with the right knowledge and advice will really help our customers progress! Livestock farmers benefit in every way. Satyam Feeding Performance.

The production of feed is one of the focal points in animal husbandry. Only deep expertise and careful work of the millers, paired with precise technology of the mill, ensure the high quality of our feed. There is a close collaboration between the employees in our poultry-branch, external experts in poultry-alimentation and veterinaries to make sure that the feed is appropriated exactly to the needs of chickens.

We feed chickens a mixture that consists mainly of corn from our agricultural production and complies with highest quality standards.