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Perfect feed for our chickens

The production of feed is one of the focal points in animal husbandry. Only deep expertise and careful work of the millers, paired with precise technology of the mill, ensure the high quality of our feed. There is a close collaboration between the employees in our poultry-branch, external experts in poultry-alimentation and veterinaries to make sure that the feed is appropriated exactly to the needs of chickens.

Reception and storage

Check the quality and keep it up!

A truck takes the corn to the reception. At the reception we take a sample which we check in terms of quality and humidity. We clean, weigh and dry the corn if need be and put it into silos where it can be stored for a long time before it is processed further.


Weighing, grinding and mixing

Make perfect feed!

Each type of chicken has special needs. Their feed has to match the age and the way they are being kept, which is why we make special feed for each group of chickens. We use a special recipe, according to which we weigh the materials and put them in the mill. Then we grind and mix them appropriately for the chickens.



Safe and Hygienic Distribution!

Finally the feed is delivered to the chicken-houses in special silo-vehicles and put into the storage-silos with the help of air-pressure. Since most of the houses are very close to the mills, the distances are quite short.


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